Alaska Caviar & Roe

ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS naturally developing in the iced waters of the state has a superb texture, taste and smell. These distinctive fish species produce highly qualitative roe used to make different roe products including, of course, caviar admired all over the world. Ikura, a bit salty salmon eggs, has gained wide popularity in Japan, European countries and other countries. Sujiko, salty skeining salmon eggs, removed and processed roe from Alaska cod, pollock and herring, has gained great popularity in specialty markets too.

Product Features

Seafood plants in Alaska are logically built close to the main fish harvesting areas in the state, so you can be sure that you buy and eat absolutely fresh seafood at the excellent maturity. Roe is collected from fresh fishes very fast and then roe foods are thoroughly processed, cured and distributed to packages to ensure that the quality and freshness are maintained.

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