Canned Salmon

Red Sockeye Salmon
Keta (Chum) Salmon

ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS holds a leading position in the sphere of processing facilities among other producers of frozen, canned and fresh salmon in the salmon producing sphere of Alaska. ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS offers keta and red sockeye species sold in three types of cans. Try to add nutritious rich Alaskan benefits to different dishes as we offer an economical and comfortable way to do this.


All canned fish sold by ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS meet all FDA and SPA requirements to prove their safety and perfect quality. All manufactures operate in accordance with strict standards of SPA, FDA and HACCP. Besides, we produce and process our canned salmon under the guidelines of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and U.S.D.C. Our full canned fish manufacturing is certified as a reliable fishery and is approved for getting Kosher labels.

The packages described above are the most common sold sizes. Please, contact us if you need other packages or pallet patterns.

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