Alaska BlackСod


Alaska blackcod is an unusual whitefish that is rich in oil and is distinguished by its intense flavor. Also called sablefish, it is notable for its white flaked meat, melting texture and rich taste. This species is presented by various cuisines but more often it is smoked a little and presentedprimarily by Asian cuisine. Alaska blackcod hooked on longlines are processed by ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS.

Product Features

Alaska blackcod is caughtall year round and is delivered to stores and restaurants frozen and dressed from ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS. We are working closely with the fishing fleet and this cooperation, along with our own shipping and processing methods, guarantees that black cod from ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS is delivered always freshand traceable. Our clients get only sustainable fish, as we are even certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

The table above the list presents most common package types. Other types of packages are also available at client’s request.

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